Hannes Schüpbach – Films 2000/2009 at TATE MODERN, London (EN)

11102008001Saturday 9 May 2009, the filmaker, painter and curator of film programs, Hannes Schüpbach presented at Tate Modern Auditorium his six cinematic oeuvres.

These works named “Spin”, “Verso”, “L’Atelier”, “Portrait mariage”, “Toccata” and “Falten” are silent color films, where the images come one after the other spaced out by short moments of black. We can see this use of black as interruption, also, among images in his canvases by the series Exposition III (Wendungen) (1995). During the films, the black interruptions and the perfect silent help the spectator keep the attention on the images, that narrate a story not as a film but as memory fragments or photos.

An other typical element, in the Schüpbach  films, is the presence of textile fabrics. He often lingers on big pieces of textile fabrics, moved and mould by the air.

The artist has elaborated a personal style that makes his films an effective medium to communicate his poetic minds.


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